Russian Sparkle Trio Jewellery Set - ARJW1031RG

 Russian Sparkle Trio Jewellery Set A beautiful and timeless necklace. Each interlocking ring is plated with yellow gold, rose gold and rhodium with hand set flawless cubic zirconia gemstones.

The design combines the classic gold plating with the modern touch of cool rhodium and a warm, feminine touch of the rose gold, creating a timeless collection that will compliment its wearer on any occasion. The sparkling crystals add a touch of glamour to this classic collection. 

The ring consists of three bands each plated with gold, rose gold, and rhodium which is hand set.This ARCADIO"s classic is a timeless design.

The set consists of a clasp cuff bangle, pendant, ring and earrings. Hand finished "S925" sterling silver pendant necklace set featuring shinny cubic zirconia gemstones. Comes in an exclusive gift set. 

Warranty: 6 Months

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